Sylvie Yarza is a versatile international singer performing in a vast array of musical styles. A classically trained gifted vocalist who sings standards from the jazz/swing age to modern day hits, as well as boleros, bossa nova and pop in English, French and Spanish. Throughout her career she has worked in both television and on stage.

Notable performances have included a New Year’s Eve concert at the California Club and her show at the Théâtre de Nesle in Paris.

Her art has taken her to major cities such as Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Barcelona and Madrid.

She has also worked in collaboration with Jeff Colella (pianist for Nathalie Cole) and Matthieu Naulleau (first-prize jazz winner at “Cité de la Musique” in Paris). She is completely quadrilingual: English-French-Spanish-Italian.

Her fisrt album is made of moving and sultry love songs that crosses all borders & styles. A beautiful voice & music with strong lyrics and soulful catchy melodies. Also writes songs for tv and film. CD includes the song of the film "Help wanted", best at Elevate film festival, Los Angeles.


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